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Till trained instantly. However if put on anything over than reception or bar work, the job can be very strenuous and boring at times. Was this review helpful? Energetic and fun company.

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Great people who are dedicated to growing the business and to give customers a great experience. I had a great 9 years working for the company which has taught me a lot. Bad work place. Literally one of the worst places I have ever worked, very poorly managed, very obvious favouritism from management towards staff, very little pay for the work expected of you, supposed to be a very fun happy place to work but all it is is stress, stress and more stress. First few months were very enjoyable and the rest was the least to say.

Do NOT reccommend. A typical busy day includes 3 members of staff struggling while management sit in the office doing 'paperwork'. New general manager is awful, refuses to help staff and clearly has favourites. Doesn't even properly know the job, has has to ask the technician and deputy manager for help multiple times. Yes that is the new general manager at tenpin.


Poorly treated staff, terrible management who certain favour staff, terrible hours. Worst company i have worked for. No words can describe how i feel sbout tenpin.. Management are a joke!. General manager has his favourits.

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Unit supervisor always being over looked clearly shows shes not management level. New deputy is a joke has no clue what hes doing. Only reason he made it as deputy is because the general manager and him were best freinds. Avoid avoid tenpin.

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Only thing good about the place is the staff. Wage is rubbish! Favouritism is the only word that can be used to explain the managers behaviour. Nothing is ever appreciated all they focus on is negative. Fun place for a teenagers first job. Good place for a first job Fun to work at Nice colleagues Management weren't the best and there was little appreciation or advantacement And few benefits from working there, as well as the low pay.

As a student this job seemed to tick all the boxes for me, the staff were lovely and the company were very fast and efficient with the interviewing and hiring Process so I was very excited to start. Initially I did a training day which only lasted an hour but was helpful and let me get to know the staff and the place a lot better.

Tenpin Northampton

Already staff had begun asking if I had met a certain manager yet and I was being warned about him. Every new person I met would warn me about him, tell me not to let him get to me and to be ready for him to yell at me if he became stressed. This manager introduced himself and seemed nice enough, until it started to get busy. I notice alot of favouritism going on here. Especially when a group of newbies start, most of which have siblings in the job already and oh surprise suprise they seem to get the most hours. Day to day is stressful they never have enough staff on to cater for the large amounts of customers that walk through the door.

Tenpin Northampton

Even when the managers know they have bookings, still think it's suitable to put 3 staff on whilst they sit in the office doing 'paperwork' Also when managers sleep with staff what chance does anyone have of being employee of the month or winning stuff from Good csats. It's a fix.! Hours are promised yet the rota never reflects this.

And you are punished harshly for sick time. I had to have an operation and they showed their support by cutting my hours when I was well enough to return, expect you to learn all departments without the official training or pay. I've been here a long while now and things never change.

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The company benefits can be great but is it worth it. The management is overall shocking on busy nights there will be 2 staff on and one in the kitchen and managers sat in the office doing god knows what The ideal part-time job. I worked as a Party-Host at Tenpin for the majority of my student years, and it was an absolute blast.

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A great deal of your enjoyment of this job will depends on whether you like children or not. I personally learnt a great deal of interpersonal skills ranging from interacting with customers both nice and not so nice , children, co-working and managers both my own age and older. Management are very encourage if you want to be trained in other areas and get more hours, whilst also understanding if you want to just stick to this department.

The workplace culture is fantastic, you build a real sense of commendatory with your co-workers. The hardest part of the job is when you get difficult customers, as they hold all the power. The most enjoyable parts of the job are seeing how happy the parents and children are when everything goes well. The moments of laughter and banter with co-workers are also what really makes it a great place to work. Lakeside is more than a great place to stop-off for a delicious meal, too.

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