Quiz 3 roosevelt deals with the depression

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The Great Depression & FDR's NEW DEAL

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How did Roosevelt's New Deal go about fixing the problems of the Great Depression?

Roosevelt, first of all, closed all the banks for a holiday. He wanted to rescue the banks. In Roosevelt set up the first of a series of government agencies, which were the means of his New Deal, designed to give the American people support.

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Since their names were often not very short, they quickly became know as? Alphabet Agencies. Initial Agencies. Acronym Agencies. Omega Organisations. In it was in effect replaced by a much larger program, which lasted into World War II. What was this latter program called?

Federal Employment Administration.

Franklin D. Roosevelt And The New Deal

Works Progress Administration. Right to Work Program.

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Civilian Credit Corps. What was the purpose of the agency named HOLC? It loaned money to people who risked losing their homes. Wages and salaries declined significantly, as did production. The New Deal established federal responsibility for the welfare of the U. Despite the importance of this growth of federal responsibility, perhaps the greatest achievement of the New Deal was to restore faith in American democracy at a time when many people believed that the only choice left was between communism and fascism.

Perhaps the most notable New Deal program still in effect is the national old-age pension system created by the Social Security Act Such agencies as the Works Progress Administration WPA and the Civilian Conservation Corps CCC were established to dispense emergency and short-term governmental aid and to provide temporary jobs, employment on construction projects, and youth work in the national forests. To revive industrial activity, the National Recovery Administration NRA was granted authority to help shape industrial codes governing trade practices, wages, hours, child labour , and collective bargaining.

The farm program was centred in the Agricultural Adjustment Administration AAA , which attempted to raise prices by controlling the production of staple crops through cash subsidies to farmers.

In addition, the arm of the federal government reached into the area of electric power , establishing in the Tennessee Valley Authority TVA , which was to cover a seven-state area and supply cheap electricity, prevent floods, improve navigation, and produce nitrates. In the New Deal emphasis shifted to measures designed to assist labour and other urban groups. The Wagner Act of greatly increased the authority of the federal government in industrial relations and strengthened the organizing power of labour unions, establishing the National Labor Relations Board NLRB to execute this program.

Maximum work hours and minimum wages were also set in certain industries in Certain New Deal laws were declared unconstitutional by the U. Supreme Court on the grounds that neither the commerce nor the taxing provisions of the Constitution granted the federal government authority to regulate industry or to undertake social and economic reform.

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Roosevelt, confident of the legality of all the measures, proposed early in a reorganization of the court. This proposal met with vehement opposition and ultimate defeat, but the court meanwhile ruled in favour of the remaining contested legislation. Truman —53 , and both major U. New Deal.